In 2017 we finally moved back into our house after having rebuilt it essentially from the ground up following the 2016 floods, I decided that it was time to get back into film photography. I got on ebay and bought the first 35mm camera I was to own on over 20 years. Then another, and another. Now I have several 35mm Nikons, 2 Yashica medium format cameras and a Graflex 4x5" view camera that had belonged to my father and that I hope one day to gather up the courage to try and use.

Developing my own black and white film has brought back many memories. I still love the smell of the chemicals and the anticipation I feel when I open the developing tank and pull out that first roll, holding it up to the light to see if I got everything right and actually have some usable negatives.

My next challenge will be to develop my own color film, it's a lot less forgiving than B&W, but it promises to be just as rewarding.